Zero Energy Building Design

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) building is a higher level of sustainability concept with the goal to balance a building’s energy demand and supply. ZNE designs require to minimize energy consumption while generating sufficient amount of renewable energy to offset the onsite energy demand without compromising indoor comfort. By applying most recent building science tools, technologies and strategies, our team can assist our clients to design ZNE buildings that are not only energy efficient but also have reduced operation cost and wellbeing-enhanced indoor environment.

We offer the following services to help our clients in achieving ZNE:

  • Site and design evaluation for ZNE potential
  • Determination of energy consumption benchmark
  • Strategic implementation planning
  • Consultation for on-site renewable energy systems
  • Financial analysis and cost feasibility
  • Whole building energy modeling, analysis, and strategy recommendations
  • Daylighting modeling, analysis, and strategy recommendations
  • Natural ventilation & air flow modeling, analysis, and strategy recommendations
  • Building energy performance reporting
  • Post occupancy measurement and verification